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Warranty Information  

We’re dedicated to delivering a high-quality product and that means standing behind our work. Our 10-year structural warranty gives you peace of mind. Getting the keys to a new home should mean zero surprises. However, if something happens or you have a concern, we’re always here to help. If you have a warranty request, please submit it here. We’ve also provided some additional tips on FAQs and new home maintenance.

When does my warranty period start?

It starts on the effective date, which is the date of the transfer of title or the date of the occupancy by the first homeowner, whichever occurs first.


When you close on the home, you’ll be given warranty paperwork that explains what items are warranted and the extent and duration of the coverage.

How do I know if something is covered by the warranty?

Manufacturers set water temperature between 130°F and 140°F, as required by code. Lower settings reduce utility operating costs, however, dishwashers, which have their own heating element, do not sanitize properly with settings below 132°F.

At what temperature should I set the water heater?

Yes. Periodically drain the tank to release scale deposits.

Does my water heater require maintenance?

Why is there a draft underneath my exterior door?

This is caused by settling and compression of the weather stripping. Many exterior doors are equipped with adjustable thresholds that can easily be adjusted.

The vacuum head must be brushed or felt. Only use products recommended by the manufacturer. Wipe up any spills immediately.

What products should I use to clean my laminate flooring?

Vinyl floors can be swept and vacuumed. Wipe up any spills immediately. Use manufacturer-recommended cleaning products.

How do I care for my vinyl flooring?

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